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2.56sCome on. Everybody's done something they're not proud of.
1.43sLike when I used to be a Wonder Twin.
2.97sPeter, the old schoolhouse is on fire! Let's go!
1.97sWonder Twin powers, activate!
1.52sForm ofa hawk!
2.7s- Come on, Peter. - Yeah, I'll be right behind you.
3.23sShape of Jayna's tampon.
2.94sPETER: And now I play the waiting game.
1.47sChris, I saw the body.
3.83sPremeditated murder is one thing, but I will not have lying in this house.
2.97sWait, hold it. Can we finish this after Joan ofArcadia?
1.59sls Joan ofArcadia on?
1.13sAll right.
1.09sMust be good.
0.99sEnjoyable program.
2.97sWe interrupt this broadcast to bring you a breaking news story.
3.06sWe apologize to Joan of Arcadia's sanctim onious, fear-based. ' '
1.73sand probably overweight viewers.
2.3sThat's right, Diane. It appears Ronald Lockhart...
3.13shas been brutally murdered by his wife, Lana, and a local bear.
3.94sWell, I'll be damned. Chris, I guess we owe you an apology.
4.13sThat's okay. I just wonder what happened to Ms. Lockhart and that bear.