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0.42sThis meeting is over.
2.18sSo, uh, you want to go get something to eat?
3.04sNo, I don't. Get outta here.
1.73sNo, no! Not that door!
3.47s"Albuquerque Isotopes"?
2.94sWhat is all this stuff? It's not anything.
2.14sHuh? It has no purpose.
1.78sWhat a crazy room.
3.37sThere's no Albuquerque Isotopes. It's the Springfield--
0.73sNo, no. There's no "Oh."
3.22sYou're moving the team to Albuquerque, aren't you?
4.14sNo. No. We would never abandon our loyal Springfield fans.
4.77sBy the way, all this barging into rooms marked "private" must have made you thirsty.
1.67sWould you like a beer?
0.4sWell, okay.
2.02sBut you can't silence Homer Simpson!
2sI'm the friend of the downtrodden,
2.4sand I'm not gonna forget what I saw here today.
1.79sOf course not.
4.04sDuffman, could you bring in two bottles of smooth, untainted Duff?