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3.04sI tried to return my season ticket, but they wouldn't give me my money back.
1.95sThey said they wanted it.
2.84sSay no more. I'll help you, Lenny.
0.43sYou want to help me?
2.97sWell, haven't you heard? He's the new Homer.
1.65sHe's wonderful.
2.39sI'm trying to get a refund for this ticket.
2.37sIs this the executive office of the ball club?
4.17sNo. This is the equipment shed. Oh. Well, is that it?
0.47sThat's where we keep the water heater.
2.65s- That's a tractor. - I see.
4.89sSir, we can't give your friend a refund just because the team is losing.
3.25sI'm sorry to hear that!
0.68sSpin that back the way it was.
2.44sYes, sir.
0.42sThis meeting is over.
2.18sSo, uh, you want to go get something to eat?
3.04sNo, I don't. Get outta here.
1.73sNo, no! Not that door!