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3.09sYou get the same results with a mincing gel.
4.1sBut of course! I will save thousands! Thank you!
3.97sOh, Homie, I love them. I can't thank you enough.
2.7sThe satisfaction of helping another human being...
3.44sis all the thanks I-- et cetera.
3.74sAnd I gave that man directions even though I didn't know the way,
3.57s'cause that's the kind of guy I am this week.
3.72sAh! Lousy Isotopes. They're a disgrace to baseball.
0.67sThey lost again?
4.47sThe team's been terrible since they got bought by the cheap, heartless Duff Corporation.
2.08sHey, Moe. Give me a Duff.
3.8sMmm. Oh, yeah. Sweet Duff.
3.49sWait a minute. Duff owns the Springfield Isotopes? Since when?
2.27sThey bought 'em a year ago from the Mafia.
2.3sIt was the last of the family-owned teams.