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1.89sGot a problem, Bart?
2.07sThe girl at school won't go to the dance with me.
1.6sBart's got a girlfriend.
2.17sNo, I don't. That's the problem.
2.45sBart's got a problem.
2.35sDon't worry, Son. I'll handle this.
2.75sCome on. Why won't you go out with Bart?
3sHe's a smelly, ugly dork!
3.24sPlease, "ugly" is such a smelly word.
0.63sWho would you rather go out with?
3.27sWell, duh. He's breathtaking.
3.8sBut Bart has inner beauty, like you'd find in a rodent.
2.2sAnd face it, you're no prize either.
2.08sYou wear braces, you dress like a kid,
2sand you're not getting any younger.
2.12sTake what you can get. He's right.
2.6sGrab something and don't let go.
2.74sWell, Bart's not so bad.