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2.57sHe'll start moving in a second. I'm sure of it.
0.55sTurn on the sprinklers.
3.22sYou see there? He's fine. Ooh, look at him go.
2.32sOh, I'm so hungry.
3.92sOh, why keep starving myself? No one cares.
2.4sHmm? Hmm.
2.9sWho are you?
1.8sThe spirit of Cesar Chavez.
2.24sWhy do you look like Cesar Romero?
2.05sBecause you don't know what Cesar Chavez looks like.
0.5sWhy are you here?
2.55sTo tell you not to give up.
1.84sOh, but I wanna.
1.79sHe's talking to himself, sir.
2.74sAnd his smell is distracting the center fielder.
3sYeah. This is getting sad. Let's bring him in.
3.7sOkay, skinny. On your feet.
3.54sWhat's happening? Did I crush your corporation?
2.42sNo. You're being replaced.