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1.84sstarting with the settling of the Old West,
3.34swhere brave pioneers survived against long odds.
2.47sHoney, I have to go into town to get some supplies,
1.67sso I'm probably going to die,
5.54sbut if I don't, I'll see you in 18 months with a canvas bag of salt and a tin of whale fat for the children.
4.1sI've dug graves out back for all of you in the likely event that you, too, shall perish.
1.83sWOMAN: You were a good man, Abraham.
2.77sPlease scrawl that on a rough-hewn piece of wood in my honor.
1.23sWOMAN: I shall.
2.02sThe reign of Henry VIII.
2.22sDid you enjoy what I just did for you, sire?
1.53sYes, very much so.
3.14sWow, when this is over, I am definitely keeping her head.
2.7sJoseph Smith discovering the Book of Mormon.
1.67sAn old Con Ed bill...
2.9sI mean, a new testament of Jesus Christ! Everyone has to sleep with me!
1.77sWhat? And no dancing!
3.55sBut recent years have also seen many important historical events.
4.14s1985 brought us the gayest music video of all time.