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3.1sWell, that's in married-to-a-handicapped guy years.
1.82sGo, Dallas Cowboys, huh?
1.73sHello. Excuse me?
4.6sYou are American, no? I very much admire your Garry Shandling.
1.5sLook, I know where you're going with this,
1.43sand we're not interested, okay?
1.33sSo you might as well just keep moving.
1.17sI'm interested.
2.35sWould you like to sample a warm French baguette?
1.37sOh, my.
2.49sMy intention is to defecate on you.
3.24sI'd almost forgotten what it's like to be romanced.
1.95sCome on, Bonnie, we are leaving. What?
2.08sLook, I'm doing you a favor.
2.9sMy stool will sleep alone tonight.
1.93sBonnie, this is insanity.
2.7sPromise me you'll put this whole affair thing out of your head.
1.83sLois, I'm just having fun.
1.7sYou're playing with fire.
4.1sLook, no marriage is perfect, but Joe's the man you gave your life to,
2.23sand besides, you have a little girl.
2.57sYou really want to be setting this kind of example?
2.75s(SIGHS) I guess you're right, Lois.