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3.17sThere will only be open minds and new horizons.
2.67sGet ready for adventure.
3.8sI know some teachers think class should be an exercise in structure,
1.63sbut not Mr. Griffin.
3.24sThis is what my class will be, this! Learn with me!
1.2sLet's teach each other!
1.47sYay, learning!
1.84sChris, A.
1.27sMeg, F.
3.07sAh, you know, this is how you take a vacation.
1.6sOh, Bonnie, would you look at that?
2.37sI've never seen anything like that before,
2.3sa croissant with almonds on it.
3.74sAnd could you bring me a beer? Oh! I feel so elegant.
1.3sWhat are you going to have?
1.18sYou know what I'd really like?
2.62sA piece of that.