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1.73sAll the things that make us
1.42sLaugh and cry
5.02sHe's a family guy
3.04sMAN ON TV: And now back to the Disney Channel's exclusive presentation,
3.3sAladdin 5: Jafar Answers the Census.
2.75sOkay, and how many people live in your palace?
1.77sUmm. Does the bird count?
1.73sDoes the bird live here?
1.13sThen, yes, the bird counts.
1.07sOkay. Two.
2.13sWhat is your primary source of income?
2.34sUmm. Sorcery.
2.17sAnd a little from political corruption,
1.43sbut primarily sorcery.
1.87sYeah, I'll just put sorcery.
3.9sOkay. Umm, are you gay, straight, or not sure?
1.5sUh, why are you asking me this?
3sIt's just... I don't write the questions.
1.33sI know. It just seems a little personal.
1.6sYeah, I understand.
1.5sYou're free not to answer it if that's your choice.
2.25sNo, no, no, it's okay. You can put "not sure."
2.03sAll right. I'm off to Paris.
2.1sYou guys going to be okay without me for a week?