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1.3sIs everything all right?
1.18sEverything's fine. It's me.
3.3sI just dressed up like your father to jazz your teachers and get you out of here.
1.9sWhat do you mean? I'm taking you out of here.
1.47sThat place is riddled with goat flu,
1.43sso I'm gonna home school you kids.
1sOh, okay.
1.4sDad, where'd you get this car?
1.49sI borrowed it from Quagmire.
2.6sHe's not home 'cause he got abducted by aliens last night.
3.07sSo, do you guys just not do the anal probe anymore? Is that...
1.6sNo, that's more or less been retired.
2.24sI see, I see.
2.03sDo you still have the thing?
2.55sOh, my God, what a beautiful room.
3.47sParis is so incredible. I can't believe we're really here.
1.17sI know.
2.24sLook at all the people on the street.
1.67sNot a lot of people of color here,
2.03sbut the ones that are black are really black.