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1.65sBye, Mom. Bye!
1.22sOh, Peter, I almost forgot.
2.8sHere's some money for groceries and a list of the kids' schedules.
1.65sThe fat man in charge for a week?
1.63sHe's going to be in over his head.
1.77sLike when he was a boxing coach.
1.23sPunch him! Punch him again! Punch him!
1.55sPunch him now! Again! Now you're getting punched!
2.47sPunch back! Don't let him hit you! Get out of the way! Punch him!
3s(BELL DINGING) You know what I'm going to tell you.
1.7sI got to punch him... You got to punch him more.
1.89sHey, you ever check Joe's Facebook?
1.77sUgh, I know. Awful.
3.14s"Hitting Cheesecake Factory again. So amped."
2.07sAnd then the symbol that means "wink."
2sReally? I mean, like, why the wink?
2.6sI mean, is there something that we're supposed to be in on?
3.34sIs he not going there? Is he not amped?
3.85sAnd who cares if he is, you know? Dick.
3.3sComing up, our horribly outdated scams reporter, Ken Redowski,
2.23sgets angry about a product you don't care about.
2.08sDigital bathroom scales! Thanks, Ken.
4.27sThis just in, there has been a confirmed outbreak of goat flu at James Woods High School.
2.08sGoat flu? You got to be kidding me.