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2.77sI know you're going to have pictures and stories,
3.4sand I just don't want to be involved in any of that mess.
3.07s(KNOCKING ON DOOR) You ready to go, Lois?
1.1sI sure am.
2.67sOh, my God, Bonnie. We're going to have such a good time.
2.9sI know, and it's going to be so much fun going with you.
3.64sJoe hates to fly 'cause they always put him underneath with the dogs.
4.32s(ALL BARKING) Indonesia better be worth it.
1.27sOkay. Bye, everyone.
2.84sKids, you mind your father while I'm gone. Love you.
1.65sBye, Mom. Bye!
1.22sOh, Peter, I almost forgot.
2.8sHere's some money for groceries and a list of the kids' schedules.
1.65sThe fat man in charge for a week?
1.63sHe's going to be in over his head.
1.77sLike when he was a boxing coach.
1.23sPunch him! Punch him again! Punch him!
1.55sPunch him now! Again! Now you're getting punched!
2.47sPunch back! Don't let him hit you! Get out of the way! Punch him!