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3.64sHere stadium where our women basketball teams play.
3.65sWe no can dunk, but good fundamentals. That more fun to watch.
3.67sOh, God. You're killin' me. Oh, God! You're killing me!
2.32sThis our comedy club.
2.34sHumor here funny in different way.
1.97sIt not reinforce stereotypes.
2.47sComedy come from character, real situations,
2.2snot abstract craziness.
1.8sTranslation-- boring.
2.27sThat's a good one. Ow!
3.2sThis "women only" planet is sounding better and better.
3.02sI'm already looking for apartments.
3.4sHere live vengeful, all-knowing leader.
2.77sShe decide men's fates. Is she hot?