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1.92sAll right. Here's the plan.
2.17sWhat kind of moronic plan is that?
0.45sOoh! Ow, ow, ow!
2.77sOw! I hate that!
2sOh, boy! Uh!
3.99sWomen go free. Men stay in chains.
3.74sWe take them to our leader. She know what do.
1.87sA female leader?
2.37sFry, shut up. Yes, Captain.
3.1sThis capital city Planet Amazonia.
3.65sWhere are all the men in your society? Men die out many year ago.
3.17sWith all these women around, they were probably nagged to death.
3.65sAre you with me, fellas?
3.64sHere stadium where our women basketball teams play.