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2.57sWhy must I be such a coward?
3.1sKif, I'm headed to the men's room, and I'll be needing an attendant, so--
2.24sOh, I'm sorry. You're crying like a woman.
2sIt's all right.
2.14sI've always thought of myself as a father figure...
2.13sto some of my more pathetic men.
3.27sKif, old friend, let's rap.
2.8sWell, I'm in love with this girl.
2sUh! Oh! Eh!
2.33sThat's rich. Go on.
3.32sI met her a year ago when we were escaping from that cruise ship...
2.47syou piloted directly into a black hole.
3.52sYes. It was in all the papers.
5.47sCall me.
3.14sUh-huh, eh-heh, mm-hmm, uh-huh.
2.95sI've finished talking, sir. Belay that remark!
2.32sYour Amy knows my Leela?