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2.3swill be snu-snu'd by the petite women.
3.74sAnd Kif, as the most attractive male,
4.6swill be Snu-snu'd by the most beautiful women of Amazonia,
2.15sthen the large women,
2.07sthen the petite women,
2.32sthen the large women again.
1.41sInitiate snu-snu!
2.2sSnu-snu! Snu-snu! Snu-snu!
3.07sSnu-snu! Snu-snu! Amy! Before I die,
3.84sI have to tell you I didn't mean to say those awful things on our date.
4.04sThey were all Zapp's idea. Really? Honest and true?
4.69sYes. And-And that person calling and hanging up was me.
3.29sI was just too nervous to say hello because...