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1.6sSo you see? It's up to you, son.
2sIf you don't want to disappoint your father,
1.45syou must keep him away.
1.83sThere's my boy. Hey, come on, Chris,
1.88sLet's go over to Barneys and fart in the suits.
1.87sAll right, Dad I...
1.6sI mean, uh,
1.73sI can't see you anymore.
2sWhat the hell are you talking about? You're my son.
2.37sMr. Griffin, he's going to be a great artist.
1.92sHe now belongs to the public.
2.27sAnd apparently, I'm dating Kate Moss.
2.4sOh, and, um, Don't say anything bad about her,
1.62s'cause she might be here right now.
2.18sWait a minute. You can't--You can't just push me aside.
0.98sI made you!
1.93sAnd I can destroy you!
2.27sGoddamn. They must've put it in the wrong baby.
2.75sOh, Bobby Williams, I'd love to go out with you.