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2.43s"afraid to spend a kopeck on ourselves."
1.37sWhat the hell is this?
1.1sFor crying out loud!
1.87sSomebody throw a pie!
1.15sScrew the theater.
3.74sMr. Monatti invited us to A cocktail party so Chris can meet a bunch of artists.
1.88sIt's at the Museum of Modern Art.
2.24sOh, God, I hope that's not some kind of museum!
2.27sMapplethorpe? I thought he just did photography.
2.19sOh, No. Early on, he did caricatures.
2.67sUh, Ok, Tim. Uh, Who's your favorite sports star?
1.77sUh, Reggie Jackson.
1.88sOk, I'm gonna draw him pooping on your chest.
1.2sWhat number is he?
3.8sWelcome. Chris, there are a number of artists here I'd like you to meet.
1.92sHey, hey, hey! Let's talk turkey, Monatti.
1.37sLook, we've been here all day.
1.74sChris isn't a famous artist yet!
2.32sPeter, Creating art takes a lot of training and technique.
1.77sAll the great artists I knew took classes.
1.28sEven Walt Disney?
3.22sDo I, d-d-Do I have to?