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1.3sHe was the first black Guy I ever did it with.
1.13sOh, boy.
1.6sBut, pff, I went everywhere!
1.68sDon't be depressed, Dad.
2sHere. I made you a present.
1.67sMy God! It's...
1.73sgood. Really good.
3.12sIt's partly an expression of my teenage angst.
1.87sBut mostly it's a moo cow!
1.87sIt's lovely, Chris.
2.14sGo ahead, Peter. Make a wish.
2.3sI'd sell my soul to be famous!
1.87sOh! I got a live one! Peter GriffIN.
1.37sOoh. Sorry, Chief.
2.97sSeems he already sold his soul in 1976 for Bee Gees tickets.
2.8sOh, And again in 1981 for half a Mallomar.
2.32sAw, heck! Where's a lawyer when I need one?
1.53sDon't forget this!
1.8sMaybe you could hang it in your officE.
3.17sSon, I'll put it someplace where everyone can see it.
3.64sExcuse me. I'll give you $1,000 for what you have in the back there.
1.9s$1,000 for a bumper sticker?