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3.19sWho am I clowning? I have no business being a clown.
3.3sI'm leaving the clowning business to all the other clowns in the clowning business.
2.67sOh, no.
2.69sWell, well, well, velocity boy.
3.84sI'm gonna give you the biggest ticket you-- Hey, hey! Krusty!
4.47sI'm not Krusty. To think I was gonna give you a ticket-- Krusty the Clown!
0.48sI am not Krusty!
3.42sHey, Krusty, you remember that time we got loaded...
3.42sand set those beavers loose in that pine furniture store?
2.8sOh! Ah, memories.
2.47sAll right. You take it easy, Krusty.
2.65sHey, he didn't give me a ticket.
2.62sThis is an intriguing development.
3.89sYou mean I get five percent off everything in the store because I look like--