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3.74sOh, come on. How 'bout letting me go double or nothing on the big opera tonight?
0.5sWho do you like?
1.25sThe tenor.
3.39sOkay, but we're only letting the bet ride...
4.19sbecause you crack us so consistently... up.
3.09sYou've got to stop blowing your money like this, Krusty.
2.02sNo can do.
2.47sAnd those ridiculous bets you make.
3.09sGambling is the finest thing a person can do, if he's good at it.
3.25sBut you haven't won anything in months. I'll just make more money.
1.95sCrank out some cheesy merchandise.
2.9sBut you've already merchandised everything-- Krusty's Monopoly game,
2.2sthe Krusty croWd-control barrier.
3.12sNothing is selling anymore, not even your new Lady Krusty line.
3.49sBut our infomercials are running 24 hours a day!
4.85sSo, what do you think of the Lady Krusty mustache-removal system now, Angelique?
2.69sIt's "Krusterrific," johnny Unitas.
4.19s- But is my upper lip supposed to bleed like this? - Probably.
2.22sAt this rate, you'll be broke in a month.