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3.87sWell, at least I don't have to worry about the evil monkey here.
2.22sWell, If we're gonna hide out here in Asiantown,
1.7swe have to find a place to live.
3.9sYes, and we should do nothing to draw attention to ourselves as outsiders.
2.57sOh, my God! It's Jackie Chan.
2.18sOh, my God! It's Jackie Chan.
1.55sOh, my God! It's Jackie Chan.
1.07sHi there!
1.47sAlways nice to meet a fan of my movies.
1.23sOh, My God, you're Ethan Hawke!
1.3sUh, No, I'm not.
1.05sSorry, my mistake.
1.57sOh, My God, it's Ethan Hawke!
1.5sMom, can we go get some food?
1.63sOh, My God, there's Malcolm in middle!
1sI'm not a boy.
1.2sYes, you are.
2.2sI can't believe we have to live here.
1.23sNo, This sucks!
3.5sUgh, Tell me about it. I haven't seen one female baby since we got here.
1.53sThis place is a sausage-fest.
1.9sCome on, kids, we've been through worse.
3.6sMeg, you--you remember when you found out your gynecologist never finished med school?