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3.25sYour Honor, I am so sorry for stealing all that stuff.
1.75sI just couldn't control myself.
1.13sWell, Mrs. Griffin,
1.63sconsidering this is your first offense,
1.74sI've decided to go lenient and...
1.43sWhere the hell is my gavel?
1.38sGive me that.
2.05sI sentence you to 2 years in the State Prison.
1.07sAh, Man, that is bogus.
1.07sOrder in the court!
1.73sAnother outburst like that, Mr. Griffin,
1.02sand I'll extend the sentence.
1.1sOk, 3 years.
1sThat was a sneeze.
1.05s4 years. I am sorry.
1.05s5 years. You douchebag.
1.85sAll right, 3 years it is.
1.78s3 years in prison?
1.93sOh, my God, what have I done?
5.32sOh, man, I haven't been this upset since I watched The Blob on television.
2.1sLook out behind you, lady! It's the Blob!
1.5sI'll save you.
2.7sHere you go. Meet your new friends.