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3.07sYeah! I wish Maggie had to go to the emergency room more often.
4.4sHmm. I never heard of a baby swallowing a magazine before-- And I'm a doctor.
4.67sI don't know if it matters, but it was a Time magazine.
2.3s- Does that matter? - Uh-oh.
2.5s- This could be dangerous. - What? What?
3.04sSyrian hard-liners are gaining influence.
1.93sWait. I changed my mind.
3.87s- Stack it in the order I'll eat it driving home. - Sir, please.
4.4sI've already bagged it by color and in order of each item's discovery by man.
4.04sThe customer's always right. That's what everybody likes about us. Now, mush!
1.87sYou tell him, Jumbo.