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4.2sOh, you'll get yours.
1.7sThis is Lindsey Naegle.
2.07sAnd don't let the skirt fool you.
2.79sShe'll have this place making money in no time.
2.22sIsn't that skirt a little north of the knee?
1.82sYou're telling me.
2.7sI guarantee I can find some new revenue streams.
2.45sStep one: Let's sell some ad space.
3.44sReverend, how would you feel about wearing this robe?
2.79sToo bad! You've already signed the deal!
2.17sActually, he hasn't. Oh.
3.27sWell, we highly value your input...
2.33suntil you sign the deal.
2.62sLet me handle this, Monty. Good idea.
2.17sI'll be hiding behind that tree.