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4.1sMy family tried to trick me into celebrating Christmas!
1.92sYou know, we are meditating.
1.62sOh, sorry. Well, that's all right.
3.7sI was only about to achieve enlightenment. But who'd want that?
6.94sWho likes short shorts I like short shorts Those guys are way off.
2.27sAnyway, your family didn't have to trick you.
2.75sBuddhists respect the diversity of other religions...
2.25sas long as they're based on love and compassion.
1.42sIt's true.
2.43sSo why don't you go home? I'm sure your family really misses you.
2.5sI can really celebrate Christmas?
1.93sYou can celebrate any holiday.
2.35sAnd you know? My birthday is August 31.
0.5sOh, I'll send you an e-mail greeting card.