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3.4sYou promised to stop watching that telly and take me on holiday.
2.7sShut up-a your mouth!
2.5sEthnic Mismatch Comedy #644...
1.7shas been canceled.
2.23sWhile we scramble to find new programming,
4.05splease enjoy this encore presentation of Princess Di's funeral.
2sI was really starting to enjoy...
2.8sEthnic Mismatch Comedy #644!
3.97sI've never heard so many Viagra jokes in 30 seconds.
3.54sShut up-a your mouth!
2.65sAttention, Springfield! How low will you go--
2.37sto win a trip to Hawaii?
3.54sThis Saturday, our judges will select the lowest, most disgusting nitwit in town...
1.9sand send him straight to Maui.
1.79sSponsored by Grandma plopwell's,
2.34sthe low fat pudding that's approved for sale...
3.34sby the government.