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4.24sMmm. Mmm. I can feel the pounds just melting off.
3.77sOur new hyper sugar gives you 300% of your minimum daily sweetness requirement.
2.54sHmm. Do you suffer from diabetes?
2.74sWell, you do now.
3.12sWe are here live in the K.B.B.L. parking lot to see...
3.37show low will you go.
4.62sOur most disgusting contestant will win a free trip to Hartford, Connecticut.
0.65sI thought it was Hawaii.
1.77sNo one said Hawaii.
2.6sNow let's get stupid with our first contestant,
2.5sthe human garbage disposal!
4.22sLadles and jelly spoons, I will now take going low to new heights.
3.52sI will swallow anything-- and I mean anything--
1.53syou people throw.
0.72sHere, take this!
2.67sPlease, no more spark plugs.