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2.69sNo, no. It's just our basement.
2.1sHold on! Wait.
2sThat's our basement?
2.52sYeah. So? Come on. More kissing.
4.95sIt looks so elegant. And all it takes are some lace curtains and a beaded lampshade.
1.9sYou've got to show me exactly what you did.
2.74s- But I was gonna score. - No, you weren't.
2.15sWelcome, everyone! Today, we embark...
2.52son a new era of intelligent governance.
2.4sGovernance! Governance!
2.24sWe have some new rules and regulations...
2.07sthat you're gonna just go ape poopy over.
2.8sProfessor Frink. Well, first of all,
3.85swe're going to ban such barbaric sports as bullfighting and cockfighting.
3.57sAlso, boxing, both kick and the kind with the gloves.
2.29sAnd hockey, football, push-ups...
3.69sand anything in general where you have to take off your shirt, which is embarrassing.