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3.74sHello, fishies!
2.32sListen, rummy!
2.7sI'm gonna say it plain and simple. Where'd you pinch the hooch?
3.89s- Is some blind tiger jerking suds on the side? - Yes?
2.3sWait a minute. I forgot to make sure...
2.27sthe coast was clear.
2.23sAh, it's probably clear. Let's go.
2.54sI can explain, Marge. Please let me explain.
2.84sOh, why won't you let me explain?
2.17sYou're the one the papers have been talking about--
3.55sthat mysterious Beer Baron who's been supplying Springfield with alcohol.
2.42sHow have you been getting away with this?
2.3sWell-- And I can explain, remember?
3.1sI fill the balls with beer that I found at the dump. And then I bowl them,
2.15sand some underground pipes take them into Moe's.