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1.23sEvery cabbie carries a gun, but...
1.07sGive me the gun.
7.07s(SCREAMING) What the hell is wrong with you, Peter? You could've killed me!
1.83sYeah, but I got you good, Lois.
1.63sAdmit it. Just say it, I got you.
3.1s(LAUGHING) Oh, all right, you got me.
1.2s(BOTH LAUGHING) I told you.
1.43sOh, my God.
1.73sOh, no, what happened here?
1.43sWe got into a little accident.
1.53sIt's all right. Oh, no.
3.07sWell, I guess accidents happen when you least expect them.
2.64sThat's how come they call them accidents.
4.17sOh, look, you got the community events corkboard wedged in your grill.
1.2sThere, that's better.
4.2sDon't you all forget to sign up for the Quahog Community Talent Show.
3.04sTalent show? Oh, Peter, that could be fun.
1.9sDo you think we have a chance at winning?
2.04sAbsolutely. I love being around the stage.
2.47sExcept for that time we went to see Phantom of the Opera.
8.11sMusic is the gift I give to you PETER: Let's see the gross half of your face!