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2.4sWell, that's a popular misconception, Mom and Dad.
4.07sBut the fact is the chief ingredient in marijuana is THC,
1.43sa mild form of acid,
5.34sprolonged usage of which can cause adverse effects to your sexual potency, short-term memory loss,
2.8sand can also severely damage your brain tissue,
2.44scentral nervous system and basic motor skills.
1.63sTo put it simply, Mom and Dad,
2.83sthere's a reason that they call it dope.
2.13sTrying to watch Mr. Belvedere.
2.03sSo my advice to the two of you would be...
2.27sAccording to our new arrival
2.54sLife is more than mere survival
2.94sAnd we just might live the good life yet