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3.2sYeah, it was a really tough interview, but I totally nailed it.
3.4sAll right, Meg, we're going to start with a little word association.
2.84sI'll say a word, and you say whatever comes into your head.
1.17s- Okay. - Mosquito.
1.57s- Bite. - Hmm. Bite.
1.47s- Mosquito. - Ah, yes. Good one.
1.1s- Uh, mosquito. - Bite.
1.1s- Mosquito. - Bite.
1s- Mosquito. - Bite.
1.13s- Bite. - Mosquito.
4sAha! Very good. You are a worthy opponent, indeed.
1.87sCongratulations. You're hired.
5.17sYour first job is to go down to the corner and tell that hobo I admire his spirit.
2.47sI'm too self-conscious to do it.
2.34sOh, honey, I'm so proud of you.
2.37sYou see, Brian, Meg has a job.
2.47sHey, Meg, if you're working for the Mayor, you know what that means?
1.9sEven you're doing better than Brian.
2.2sHey, everybody, Brian's the new Meg.
3.57sBrian's the new Meg. Brian's the new Meg.
1.33sYeah, you're the new me.
1.07sShut up, Meg.