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2.6sWow, congratulations, Meg.
3.2sYeah, it was a really tough interview, but I totally nailed it.
3.4sAll right, Meg, we're going to start with a little word association.
2.84sI'll say a word, and you say whatever comes into your head.
1.17s- Okay. - Mosquito.
1.57s- Bite. - Hmm. Bite.
1.47s- Mosquito. - Ah, yes. Good one.
1.1s- Uh, mosquito. - Bite.
1.1s- Mosquito. - Bite.
1s- Mosquito. - Bite.
1.13s- Bite. - Mosquito.
4sAha! Very good. You are a worthy opponent, indeed.
1.87sCongratulations. You're hired.
5.17sYour first job is to go down to the corner and tell that hobo I admire his spirit.
2.47sI'm too self-conscious to do it.
2.34sOh, honey, I'm so proud of you.
2.37sYou see, Brian, Meg has a job.