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2.74sListen, I'm warning you because I care about you.
2.73sI am going to the press with this story, and when it hits,
2.34sit'll be bigger than Uncle Sam's nipples.
2sJeez! What the hell?
1.57sUh, they're called nipples, guys.
1.57sThey're freaking huge.
2.8sYou know what? Maybe we can just all relax and enjoy the sauna.
1.53sI have to tell you something, Adam.
1.6sYou're an alien. I know.
4.24sNo, no, my dog is gonna expose our relationship to the press.
1.37sWell, so what?
2.27sYou and I know that we haven't done anything wrong.
3.74sI told you that I'd wait for you until you're 18 or 21.
2.5sOr maybe 25, when you can legally rent a car.
1.03sThey don't care.
1.87sThey're gonna make you look like a monster.
1.03sI see.
1.2sWell, Meg, I'm a public figure.
2.03sI'm used to the tabloids' doodie.
1.6sIt's you I'm worried about.
3.14sYou're just a sweet young lady with her whole life ahead of her.
3.9sThis story could ruin your future, and I can't let that happen.
2.67sI'll take the fall, no matter what.