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2.43sIt really hurts bad And so do skin grafts
2.1sWould you like an apple pie with that?
2.17sWould you like an apple pie with that?
2.03sWait for the bell Can't hear the bell
9.68sWhere is the bell? Wait for the bell Ding, fries are done Ding, fries are done Mom, guess what?
2.67sI just found out I got that internship at Mayor West's office.
2.6sWow, congratulations, Meg.
3.2sYeah, it was a really tough interview, but I totally nailed it.
3.4sAll right, Meg, we're going to start with a little word association.
2.84sI'll say a word, and you say whatever comes into your head.
1.17s- Okay. - Mosquito.
1.57s- Bite. - Hmm. Bite.
1.47s- Mosquito. - Ah, yes. Good one.
1.1s- Uh, mosquito. - Bite.
1.1s- Mosquito. - Bite.
1s- Mosquito. - Bite.