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2.4sThere's a voice in my head that drives my heel
2.2sIt's my baby callin' on the telephone
2.5sI got some pizza and I'm bringin' it home
1.7sYou all know me.
2.43sI've kept the streets safe for you and your children.
2.37sI've tricked or treated at many of your houses.
2.08sLast year I was Jar Jar Binks.
1.88sNow, who will stand and fight with me?
0.5sI'm with ya, Homer.
1.19sShut up, Flanders.
2.1sAnyone else? What about you, Dr. Hibbert?
4.27sOh, uh, well, I'd-- I'd love to help you, Homer,
2.7sbut I have too darn much to live for.
1.95sI just discovered Thai food.