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3.27sWell, according to this, he's tellin' the truth.
2.19sHurry up, boys.
2.6sWe've gotta get these toy poodles to the pet shop.
4.32sAll right, Fat Tony, your little game is over!
1.33sHey, how'd you find us?
2.04sOne of these ferrets is wearin' a wire.
2.64sYou're not a pet and you're not a friend.
2.68sYou're nothing to me.
3.25sWith this latest arrest, Springfield is now free of crime,
1.93salthough overrun with ferrets.
3.19sHappy days, people. Truly happy days.
3sDaddy, how come you're not at work?
2.67sI don't know. How come you're not at school?
2.18sMy teacher says she's tired of trying.
3.75sYeah, well, so I am, Ralphie. So am I.
2.74sIt's Bill and Marty on the line right now with Springfield's very own Fat Tony.
4.52sI wish to announce that my associates and I will gun down Homer Simpson...