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5.31sFinally, a way to combine my love of helping people with my love of hurting people!
2.97sFellas, I'm starting my own private police force.
1.67sWill you join me?
0.53sWell, who would my partner be?
2.89sHow about Lenny?
0.42sHim? No way!
2.07sHim? No way!
2.62sYou'll do as I say, or I'll have your badges!
2.57sOnce I make and give you your badges.
3.75sFlanders, I was able to find your missing leaf blower,
1.5sbelt sander and morning newspapers.
3.64sWell, nice work, Inspector Find-It. Did you catch the thief?
1.99sWho said it was a he?
2.22sWell, I sure didn't. Who said you did?
1.62s- Nobody. - Wrong answer!
1.63sLet's go!
2sOkilly-dokilly. You're pushin' your luck, pal.
1.7sOoh! Ooh! Here's my commercial!
2.07sA monster!
4.37sIs this you? If it is, don't dial 911.
1.93sSimply dial...