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3.67sOh! Seriously, everyone says your parties rock.
1.68sHomer, this is all your fault.
3.74sIf you hadn't plugged in your dancing Santa, none of this would have happened.
2.52sI admit it. I did screw up.
3.15sBut I won't feel guilty until I can put a human face on this.
4.2sMom! Dad! Someone stole my Malibu Stacy collection!
2.4sMarge, doesn't Lisa have a human face?
2.12sYes, and she's crying.
1.67sThat's it!
1.83sNobody messes with my little girl!
2.19sI'm going to find those dolls!
1.74sAre you gonna call the police?
4.05sOh, forget it! They couldn't catch a cold with a--
3.07sa cold-catching thing.
2.74sSee, when you don't use Milhouse, it's hard.
2.17sI love this kid.
2.04sHmm, yes. Interesting.
3.8sAll right, I've come up with a composite sketch of my prime suspect.
1.9sDad, that's Bart.