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1.15sYeah! Hear! Hear!
1.6sShe is ugly!
2.94sI think I speak for myself, Comic Book Guy and Bumblebee Man...
2.57swhen I say, I blame Chief Clancy Wiggum!
3.77sIt's not just my fault. You were the ones doing all the looting.
2.28sOh, sure. Blame the victims.
2.99s- Throw some Nikes at his head. - What size?
4.34sPeople, rest assured the police department's ineptitude shall not stand.
3.59sI am announcing the formation of a blue-ribbon committee.
1.28sA committee?
1.68sDid he say "blue-ribbon"?
3.69sCommittees don't get any better than that. Man, am I appeased.
3.05sSo, uh, can we keep the stuff we stole?
2.65sI think that's implied.
2.27sI don't care what they say.
3.1sI won't feel safe in this town until we have better police.
4.17sYeah. Wiggum couldn't catch cooties at Milhouse's birthday party.
3.67sOh! Seriously, everyone says your parties rock.
1.68sHomer, this is all your fault.