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3.54sOh, no, the power's out? We'll miss Fox Celebrity Boxing!
3.5sI heard tonight they have Ed Bradley vs. Mister Ed.
2.32sIt's terrible-- all the traffic lights are out.
2.52sDriving sure is dangerous.
0.73sYeah, tell me about it.
4.44sI got some yuppie jerk-off headed right for me, yakkin' away on his cell phone.
3.24sHuh! I hear that. I got some big shot barreling down on me.
2.59sHey! Who are you talkin' to, your boyfriend?
2.65sHey, jackass! Your voice sounds familiar!
2.28sI don't hear an alarm. Let's take stuff.
2.8sWhoa! Isn't that stealing? No, it's just looting.
2sSweet. Let's go nuts.
6.36sHot town Summer in the city Back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty Mannequins! You can't buy these!
2.77sOh, look at all these tube socks!
2.2sBut at night it's a different world
1.85sGo out and find a girl
1.9sCome on, come on and dance all night