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3.99sJingle Bell, Jingle Bell Jingle Bell R--
0.53sJingle bell what?
1.85sDad, it's a blackout.
1.73sA blackout?
3.6sEvery time Santa and I get together it's a disaster.
3.54sOh, no, the power's out? We'll miss Fox Celebrity Boxing!
3.5sI heard tonight they have Ed Bradley vs. Mister Ed.
2.32sIt's terrible-- all the traffic lights are out.
2.52sDriving sure is dangerous.
0.73sYeah, tell me about it.
4.44sI got some yuppie jerk-off headed right for me, yakkin' away on his cell phone.
3.24sHuh! I hear that. I got some big shot barreling down on me.
2.59sHey! Who are you talkin' to, your boyfriend?
2.65sHey, jackass! Your voice sounds familiar!