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1.7sWoke up this morning
1.43sGot yourself a gun
2.57sYour mama always said you'd be the
2.37sChosen one
1.83sShe said you're one in a million
2.87sYou got to burn to shine
3.2sYou were born under a bad sign
1.78sWith a blue moon in your eye
3.7sWhen you woke up this morning
1.62sAll that love had gone
2.82sYour papa never told you about
1.53sRight and wrong
2.6sBut you're, but you're looking good, baby
3.72sI believe that you're a-feelin' fine Shame about it
4.35sBorn under a bad sign with the blue moon in your eyes
1.79sLet's sing it now
1.95sWoke up this morning Got a blue moon
2.18sGot a blue moon in your eyes
1.57sIs your husband at home?
2.69sFat Tony, how can you do this?
2.92sSorry, but this is the business we've chosen.