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3.42sThe tinsel and the trappings are just icing on the missile
4.22sThe one thing that you need to make your Xmas Day splendiferous
4.6sIs a pine tree A pine tree that's coniferous
3.23sWe have to have a pine tree that's coniferous
2.32sYou're welcome.
3.85sYou know, Santa may have killed Scruffy, but he makes a good point.
2.59sWhat we need is an old-fashioned pine tree.
1.22sCram it, Virginia.
3.7sPine trees have been extinct for over 800 years.
3.85sProfessor, maybe there's some way to bring the pine trees back to life.
1.85sLike we did with the barking snakes.
3.84s(BARKING) Pine trees aren't barking snakes.