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2sBecause I get paid by the charge.
1.98sOh, our courts aren't fit to keep children in line.
2.67sThe only they're good for is telling women what to do with their bodies.
3.17sWhat these boys need is adult supervision.
1.9sYou are so right, Ned.
1.67sThere won't be a single minute...
2.84swhere Bart's not under the watchful eye of myself or--
1.5sHomer, get over here.
3.12sLook at me. I'm Brian Epstein.
1.7sNow I'm Michael Jackson.
2.17sI own all your songs, losers.
1.77sHee, hee, hee!
4.44sHere are some supervised activities we can all do together.
4.12s"Future Veterans of Foreign Wars," "The 5-H Club."
2.14sThey had to admit homosexuals.
2.22sHow come I'm not doing this stuff with Milhouse?
2.7sYou won't be seeing Milhouse for a while.
3.2sSomething about that boy just shakes up your soda.