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2.37sNo, I mustn't watch. It's not the proper thing to-- Whoa!
2.22sI say! Nice ones, Jeanine.
2.95sAnd Look at Lisa in all of her curvaceous glory.
3.35sHeavens, it appears that my wee-wee has been stricken with rigor mortis.
1.13sGood morning.
1.62sPeter, what on earth are you wearing?
1.13sIt's a dashiki.
2.27sAnd don't call me Peter. That's my slave name.
2.55sFrom now on, call me Kichwa Tembo.
2.75sCool. And I'll be Mambutu O'Malley!
1.35sPeter-- Kichwa!
2.07sI'd like to have a word with you.
1sPeter, I think--
2.17sKichwa, we're both sensible men.
2.84sThere must be something I can do to make things right with you.
3.47sActually, there is. I want reparations just like Cleveland got.