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5.27sYou know, cindi, I'd feel worse about this if you didn't spell your name with that insufferable "i" at the end.
3.2sOh, And that cockadoodie smiley face you use to dot it!
2.1sYou sicken me! I'm not gonna hurt you.
1.17sI'm not gonna hurt you.
1sHello, Peter.
2.4sNate Griffin!
3.34sOh, My God! You're haunting me because I've been a terrible black man!
2.77sPeter, you gotta stop putting so much importance on race.
1.2sI know I didn't.
0.59sYou didn't?
3.67sIf I had, do you think I would have slept with your white great-great- great-great granny?
1.13sNo, I guess not.
1.07sThat's right,
1.78sand I wouldn't have slept with her fine sister neither.
3.27sYou see, Peter, the most important thing is how a man acts.
1.5sYou know what I'm getting at?
3.54sYou think I should do something good with that reparation money, don't you?
1.4sThat'd be mighty fine, Peter.
1.57sYeah, I guess you're right.