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2.34sApparently, this brave Adonis,
2.04sthis Cadillac of men,
1.94swas the "first person on Mars."
1.87sFirst person on Mars?
2.8sI should have been the first person on Mars!
3.89sHe stole my clover, he stole my name, and he stole my life.
2.27sAnd now he broke my hand!
2.37sHis legend lives on!
2.69sSo you opened the record vault, and the clover was gone?
5.31sYep. Nothing in there but all the best music of the 1980s in one amazing collection.
4.15sSurvivor, Pat Benatar, the Scorpions-- the list goes on.
3.15sThat clover helped my rat fink brother steal my dream of going into space.
1.93sNow I'll never get there.
2.27sYou went there this morning for doughnuts.
4.64s"First person on Mars." Oh, so your brother was that Philip J. Fry.
4.14sI'm Philip J. Fry! He stole my name after I got frozen!
1.77sShut up, friends!
2.94sMy Internet browser heard us saying the word "Fry"...